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The Dumping Ground is a practical resource that highlights the importance of developing and maintaining healthy boundaries. The book sheds light on a variety of areas that individuals often struggle in when attempting to set boundaries. This resource will help you gain awareness, allow you to reflect and to identity practical steps to begin maintaining life-saving boundaries.  To live a intentional life filled with purpose you MUST have the skills to say NO and set limits.

Meet the Author

The Dumping Ground is Latasha's big debut. What began as project for her transitioned into a journey of self discovery and ended up as a ground breaking phenomenon; the Dumping Ground Movement.  We can't wait to see what an impact these  groundbreaking books will have on the nation at large!  read more...


"Buckle your seatbelt and hang on for a ride . With practical and relevant transparency, Latasha will show you how to dump the weight of life, set boundaries and succeed to new levels of discipline and freedom. "       

- Vincent Campbell - Senior Pastor- The Faith Center 

( Author of 19 Rules for a Successful Marriage)

"LaTasha pours her soul into this book. The Chapter on Sex is bold and captivating. The way that she engages you and requires you to take a long look in the mirror is riveting. This book is an absolute must read!"    

  -Tanisha Sapp, MA, LPC, NCC  

( A New Level Empowerment and Consultation, LLC, Director & Founder)

 "The Dumping Ground provides a lot of wisdom around friendships and how to set expectations and boundaries for these special kind of relationships. The examples shared by the author are really powerful. They helped me to see that not all friendships are created equally and we must use sound judgement, and prayer, to determine the role people play in our lives and how intimate of a friendship we should cultivate with them. After reading this book I will definitely do an inventory of the people I have allowed into my inner circle to make sure that these relationships are healthy, positive, and mutually fulfilling."

        -Venola Mason 

(AchieveIt Educational Services,  CEO/Consultant)

Boundaries in every area of your life, is a necessary component in experiencing the abundant life you desire.  They provide safeguards that become a filter of standards that protect us not only from others, but form ourselves.  So, that when we are faced with decisions, relationships, and other things that enter our lives, we can choose what is aligned to what we desire for ourselves and what God desires for us.   This is especially true in the area of finance.  Latasha Matthews does a phenomenal job in The Dumping Ground with transparent illustrations from her life experiences as well as others, practical tips, and actionable steps you can incorporate into your life for becoming a good steward of money.  This is a book you definitely want to read and keep handy as you develop boundaries around your finances as well as around the other aspects of life.

Antonina D. Geer, MBACEO

Simplistics FinancialsFinancial Strategist and Consultant