Latasha Matthews

The Dumping Ground is Latasha's big debut. What began as project for her transitioned into a journey of self discovery and ended up as a ground breaking phenomenon; the Dumping Ground Movement. She's already working on her next book, "Claiming Your Ground" -Helping entrepreneurs claim and remain grounded in business. We can't wait to see what an impact these groundbreaking books will have on the nation at large!

​Latasha Matthews, Owner/CEO of IllumiNation Counseling and Coaching, LLC has worked in higher education (adjunct professor at Shorter University since 2014) and corporate America. Versatile and multi-talented, articulate and inspiring, she is passionate about providing compassionate, collaborative therapy, insightful coaching, resourceful consulting, and empowering training. Her impactful services have the potential not only to change your experiences but also to change your entire life. She was named Adjunct Professor of the Year 2015 from Shorter University.  Latasha has been featured on The Kitchen Radio show and has hosted a variety of calls on relationships, stress and boundary setting.

What's Next?

Claiming your Ground:  Helping entrepreneur's claim and remain grounded in business.​